There are occasions in one’s life when one is overwhelmed by the totally unexpected but very pleasing gifts received from friends.  I have just been exposed to that experience by a dear friend Mukund who sent this to me.  Please click on the image to get a larger resolution.


And he added:
In your case you are a fulbillionaire.



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9 Responses to Fulfillionaire.

  1. shackman says:

    Very appropriate for you.
    shackman recently posted..Up and Down

  2. I keep telling Andy how wealthy we are because I think in these terms. He disagrees because he defines wealthy only in terms of money. So I’m wealthy and he isn’t. 🙂
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..Clover and Wildflowers

  3. Cathy in NZ says:

    I see wealthy as in terms of everything but not actual hard cash/money investments.

    I remember once having listened to a guru explaining how to become wealthy and then he asked when we thought we might be in that category. I put up my hand and said [basically] that I was already a millionaire. He looked astounded and said “no way”

    to which I said yes I have a millionaire units maybe more…

    he couldn’t grasp that part relating to “unit” – try as I might he couldn’t see it that my millionaire status came from a non-monetary viewpoint.

    the following year he was invited back and he looked at me and said “well have you expanded your millions?” and said “yep, now a trillionaire”

  4. tammy j says:

    love this one rummy.
    i’m a fulfillionaire of sorts. 🙂
    happy with enough.
    tammy j recently posted..quality or quantity

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