Fulfilment. 2 on1 # 7.

I flatter myself that I am a Fulfillionaire.  Please click on the image to get a larger resolution.

There are however two exceptions to the list of attributes given in the image. My health could be better. And I no longer own my business, having wound it down two years ago. I am now in retirement and enjoying every moment of it.

Let me however confess that I had very little to do with coming to this stage. I have been blessed with an attitude of taking whatever comes my way cheerfully and that has helped me reach this stage of fulfilment.  All that I did voluntarily many years ago was to decide that I would not be like the many  Tantaluses that I saw around me.

A fulfillionaire does not compromise areas of his life to achieve gains in others. There never was the need nor is there one now. It may however be that I was never called upon to compromise on any area of my life with temptation. For some of course it may evoke pity!

He lives a balanced life with abundance in all areas. Since I am blessed with an attitude of abundance and am content with what I have, living a balanced life is no big deal.

He is in fine physical condition. How I wish that this could be true. almost a life time of smoking has given me COPD which has affected my ability to undertake vigorous activities. I however have learnt to accept that this is the price I have to pay for earlier indulgence and simply have adjusted my life style to accommodate this reality.

Has meaningful connections with family, friends and spirituality.
My readers will already know that this is true in my life.

Has sufficient financial means to do whatever pleases him. My financial resources are not very big. Yes, I have simply adjusted whatever pleases me to the reality of my financial condition. No big deal.

Is often a business owner who has the flexibility to dictate the type of work he does and the amount of hours he does it. I am now in retirement and have all the flexibility that I need to dictate the type of work that I do and the hours I spend on it.

He loves life and is considered wealthier in real terms than millionaires and billionaires. I sure love life the way it has evolved for me. I leave it to my readers to decide whether I can be considered to be wealthier in real terms than millionaires and billionaires.

I have suggested today’s topic for the weekly 2 on 1 blog fest. Please check what the other blogger Shackman has to say on the same topic.

21 thoughts on “Fulfilment. 2 on1 # 7.”

  1. “Fulfillionaire”? That’s lovely (and a new word and concept for me). Even lovelier if you are one.

    What sticks out is the bit on “compromise”. Letting other people’s lives, including my own, pass my inner eye, I can’t think of one single person who hasn’t had to compromise somewhere along the line. Nothing particularly dramatic, black or white, only the little compromises that walk in our shadow or, rather, whose shadow we will walk in. A fact of human life. Everything else is delusion. Whilst tempted, I will not go down the road of asking if delusion may actually be the way to go if you want to live a life unperturbed by minor hickups aka compromises.

    Without wishing to be a spoilsport, the emphasis of financial circumstances in order to be considered a “fulfillionaire” makes it for some an unattainable goal. On the other hand, I may be missing the point of what you are suggesting.

    Enjoy your fullness to the full, Ramana, as I do enjoy looking at my life as a fine piece of lace; by necessity with lots of holes – otherwise it wouldn’t be lace.

    Ursula recently posted..Easy does it

    1. I see the point that you make about compromising Ursula. I think that you yourself have covered what would have been my response. Yes, I did not compromise on values though I must have compromised on choices. And I like your analogy about the lace. Very apt.

  2. good health in our youth is so easy to take for granted.
    then later the bill comes due. I am living a simple frugal life and I like it.
    I’m just glad I don’t have to greet people at Walmart!
    having ‘my own time’ is my joy. time to do whatever I want makes me a contented fulfillionaire. my needs are few and that makes me happy.
    in retrospect I think my Bob was almost a workaholic. he loved what he did.
    though he also felt he had a tiger by the tail too.
    I think he was getting tired. or perhaps he was ill with the cancer then and we just didn’t know it. but I know he was mellowing some.
    we were spending more and more of our evenings talking of leaving the rat race and having a small homestead.
    it would have been interesting to see how that worked out.
    I’m thinking I might not have enjoyed it all that much!
    I have a black thumb where growing any plants are concerned.
    tammy j recently posted..that day in the middle of february

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