11 thoughts on “Fun With Language.”

    1. I am glad that you found it entertaining. I am afraid that all WP blogs are undergoing this problem with no solution in sight despite repeated attempts to contact them with such complaints. Many of us are constantly trying to get the problem sorted out.

  1. Wow it is English. We can discuss syntax but colonised English is what we understand.look at West engines they have made a new language out of English.

  2. that’s hilarious especially the XL one but of course I can’t comment on the American use of English language as I’m in New Zealand, where we have our own breed of distinct usage – even as far as the 2 main islands use different words for exactly the same thing – “crib or bach” and no it’s not anything to do with “batch”
    Catherine de Seton recently posted..Short trip to Newmarket

  3. I especially enjoy how different English-speaking cultures pronounce the same word differently though it may be spelled the same, or one or the other will add or remove an alphabet latter. The inflection will be placed on different syllables so the word sounds different; alter vowel sound as with laboratory.


    — laboratory.

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