Gail’s Opinions

Gail, in her comments on my blog ‘Rummuser Dot Com’ said, “If only that my husband, boyfriend, or whatever he is, would look like that statue, then I would stop staring at it every time I come to your blog.”

I am now reading a fascinating book “The Moral Animal, Why We Are The Way We Are: The New Science Of Evolutionary Psychology.” by Robert Wright. For those interested in evolution, I recommend this book to get an interesting point of view of one’s place in modern society, its institutions, particularly marriage, divorce, etc.

This post however, is not about the book, but about its cover. The cover’s design is by Evan Gaffney and includes this picture.

I wonder what Gail will comment about this! Any suggestions? I shall reserve posting Gail’s comments, if she does comment, till other suggestions have come in.

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