Ganesh Chaturthi / Teachers’ Day.


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Today is Ganesh Chaturthi. As I write this I can hear the distant sound of drum beats indicating the movement of some Ganesha Idols being taken in procession before being installed in community centers.


Manjiree and Ranjan have gone Ganesha crawling visiting some friends who have installed Ganeshas in their homes.

We too used to install for ten days every year when my late wife was alive. After her death, I simply do not have the inclination to celebrate, though I love to have the goodies that will be available during the next ten days.

The festival will conclude with grand processions on the 15th inst.

Today is also Teachers’ Day in India. I was pleasantly surprised to receive messages from some mentees and became quite appreciative of the thought behind celebrating this day as Teachers’ Day.

16 thoughts on “Ganesh Chaturthi / Teachers’ Day.”

  1. i’m glad to learn the symbolism of ganesh rummy.
    and that teacher’s day should fall during the chaturthi seems appropriate.
    we all need to learn what thoughts that ganesh teaches!
    tammy j recently posted..simply jack

  2. I wonder if this celebration will happen here. So cold though so it might only be inside, perhaps in a mall, or the schools. I must find out.

  3. Teacher’s day – “Master Shifu teach me Kung Fu!” Replace Shifu with you and Kung Fu with your qualities. There are many you now I listed some of them to you occassionally.

    I too had enjoyed the processions and dance on road in the process of immersion when I was new to Mumbai which is / was highly unlike me :).

    1. Entirely my pleasure Mother. Here is a quote that I am very fond of – “India is a land of religious experiment and Hinduism is not a simple homogeneous religion. Hinduism is rather a name given to a League of Religions.” D. S. Sharma in A Primer of Hinduism.

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