I am not a gardener but, do like to sit in my verandah and enjoy the garden maintained by my DIL and a gardener.

I am however very happy to be this kind of a gardener.

What kind of a gardener are you?

8 thoughts on “Gardening.”

  1. I’ve had my moments, grew crops, etc. But I’m not much of a one. I prefer things in pots who don’t blow out of control like my mint and sage and other creepers. I can see the attraction though of watching things grow. Something to take care of.


  2. Too funny. Pickles is my favorite comic strip; my husband and I used to say “the cartoonist must know us.” I love gardening and have to limit myself because I must not kneel or bend to plant things or pull weeds. For that reason I decided to plant a lot of flowering trees like magnolia and strawberry tree, and fruit trees, and flowering shrubs.
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  3. I’m a very industrious gardener. I keep all the bushes pruned, I weed the flowerbeds, I sweep up the leaves. If only the deciduous trees wouldn’t keep growing new leaves and then shedding them again. Why can’t they just keep the same leaves year in and year out?

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