Genetic Modification.

My 2 on 1 fellow blogger Shackman can come up with curve balls, knuckle balls and what in cricket is called no-balls when he suggests topics for our weekly Friday blog posts. Today’s is one of of those.

As my readers know, I am a languid observer of the world’s peccadilloes and not very savvy when it comes to matters scientific. I have been reading about Genetic Modification on and off as it is a highly controversial subject in Indian Agriculture. Since I am not a farmer or a teacher or even a scientist, I have not particularly paid any attention to the matter.

As it often happens in my life, yesterday I came across a news item that followed almost immediately Shackman’s mail to me announcing the topic.

I found the latter intriguing enough and the former challenging enough to try and learn something about the subject so that I can write something sensible in this post and here is my take.

I am a close observer of my children’s involvement with animal welfare, particularly dogs. They are very active in rescues, sterilisation, vaccination etc and also regularly hold adoption camps. Among the significant findings that they have come across is a unique phenomenon among animals. Native breeds or rather mongrels have hardly any illnesses plaguing them whereas the pure breeds bought locally from breeders or imported by pet owners at astronomical sums, do. The former are sturdy, live longer and require less care and maintenance than the latter do.

My farmer friend about whom I have written elsewhere, on consultation also concurs that the same holds true for food crops too. Organic farming practiced diligently produces high quality crop though the yields are smaller than the GM crops. The food made from the former is also healthier than those made from the latter, usually subject to chemical fertilisers,insecticides and pesticides.  On the other hand he has met great success with GM cotton which gave him bumper crops and great returns.

He adds that GM is mired in controversies due to foreign hands being suspected of generating funds for purposes other than prosperous agriculture.

Having gathered enough material, I think that my vote is against GM.  Though I have stated my negative vote, I have not been aggressively promoting or even buying organic food,  though if it is available readily during my shopping, I choose it.

Shortly stated, I am still at the ‘couldn’t be bothered’ stage in this matter.

Please do go over to Shackman’s blog to see what he has to say about the topic. Thank you.

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  1. i understood GMO crops were originally an experiment in growing crops faster so that they could be harvested more quickly and then replanted and harvested again… for instance in wheat and corn and a shorter stem but still with a large output. supposedly for feeding the masses of people on this earth? i don’t know. it has all become so complicated now just to live in this world. science and marketing march on. they’re just marching faster now!
    the only thing i know is that we have way too many people. and the issues with feeding them will continue to grow until people STOP procreating like rabbits. overpopulation of this planet is creating all kinds of problems not known before in every aspect of living.
    we have a young man who is running in the election for governor of our state. he has 6 children. in this age where the conversation of pollution and GMO crops and water shortage and over crowded schools and high cost of medical care and housing is on everyone’s mind… he is adding to the problem as far as i’m concerned. so like the comment i left at Shack’s… i just don’t know anymore! much better minds than mine are hopefully dealing with it all!
    one of your statements resonates with me Sean … ” I am still at the ‘couldn’t be bothered’ stage in this matter. ”
    i am just living my life now as well as i can for the time i have left! SH
    tammy j recently posted..may day

    1. Couldn’t be bothered is alright for the agricultural side. Reading Shackman’s post has been a very moving experience and I have become a convert to being pro medical GM.

  2. Some genetic modifications make food healthier. I try to buy organic corn because GMO corn contains its own insecticide (Bt) and I’m not convinced it is good for us. Soybeans because they’re modified so farmers can use more herbicides without hurting the soybeans. Glyphosate is one of those herbicides and was considered to be of negligible danger to humans, but now they’re reconsidering that:

    The article’s conclusion “implores governments to pay more attention to the damaging consequences of the escalation in chemical warfare on weeds that characterizes current agricultural practices.” So for me with soybeans it’s not the plant itself, it’s the increased use of herbicides.
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..A Better Place?

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