During the recent flooding of Mumbai, some of my friends from my alumni group got stuck in Mumbai and were busy asking for help, guidance and advice on our group platform in WhatsApp.

I offered to help with shelter and food at a friend’s place for anyone stuck near the place of the friend’s flat and one young alumnus, let us call him PM rang me up from Mumbai and asked for directions.

I gave him my friend’s phone number and address and asked him to get in touch directly without the slightest hesitation. PM established contact with my friend, let us call him SA, and they both had a merry discussion at the end of which PM concluded that SA’s place was too far away from where he was stuck and decided to rough it out and move elsewhere.

In the meanwhile I was tracking PM’s activities and he conveyed his decision to me and thanked me for putting him in touch with such a gentleman!

I rang up SA to compliment him for impressing the young man and let it slip out that PM called him a gentleman and I ribbed him about it. SA in turn ribbed me saying that PM had called me gentleman too and both of us had a good laugh as, both of us are old reprobates who have known each other for the past 53 years. Neither of us could remember the last time that someone called either of us a gentleman.

PM eventually found shelter closer to where he got stuck and returned safe and sound the following afternoon to Pune.

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    1. Pravin, believe me, I thought of you and there was somebody stuck in Chembur too. I thought that perhaps both you and Simple will be away at work and did not bother. I knew that if I had guided someone to you, you would have been more than happy to provide shelter and food. If there is ever a next time, I shall call you before I decide one way or the other. Thank you.

  1. I suppose “gentleman” equates to man of quality and of a certain age, maybe it’s the way the language is spoken. I think mostly you might not apply that to someone younger, rather you might deem to be a “nice guy”

    Language seems to drift a lot, depending on the circumstances…

  2. so long as you are not called a dirty old man!
    as to the gentleman…
    though you do deny it and maybe they don’t appear to have as much fun…
    but you seem like a gentleman to me.
    doesn’t mean you can’t have a delightfully wicked past!
    tammy j recently posted..moving on old bean

    1. When PM read the post he responded with more seriousness than what I had expected. I however felt that he was trying not to laugh! Plenty of damage, primarily to automobiles but Mumbai will recover. It is a never say die city.

  3. Delightful story! ‘Nice guys’, ‘gentlemen’, ‘good people’— all are welcome in this increasingly demanding world, in which it’s difficult to maintain our equilibrium and think about others!

  4. You’ve earned the title and I must say your behaviour towards PM was stellar and gentlemanly and I won’t forget how kind you were when my granddaughter was pounding her way (alone!) around India. A true gentleman indeed!

    wisewebwoman recently posted..Black Disc

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