10 thoughts on “Georgia On My Mind.”

  1. Nice. I have a plane ticket to return to Georgia several weeks later, but this reminds me that the stay will be much too short. I will be in Atlanta where most of the people are transplants instead of the gentle and friendly Georgians who put up signs like the one you posted.
    Looney recently posted..Frienemies

    1. I did not know whether to take the message seriously or not at first but, thought that it was just the local authorities’ sense of humour and then had a good laugh too.

  2. nobody sings it like Ray does. the best rendition of Georgia EVER. thanks!
    the marine’s son M/Sgt Mike is stationed there and I had no idea how beautiful it is until I saw it. he’s at Moody AFB in Valdosta. but they live in a small village nearby. tall pine forests abound! (and so do the mosquitos!)
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  3. Redneck humor. 😉

    The biggest danger I ever saw the few times we’ve been in Georgia were the high speed reckless drivers on the freeway.
    Mike recently posted..Lunar

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