21 thoughts on “Getting Older.”

    1. If being horizontal one day is shocking just imagine what it must be to think that one day I will be just a handful of ashes which Ranjan hopefully will immerse in our local river!

  1. Oh, I do. Most of my past life is but shadowy outlines and summaries. The full details have long escaped me. Which actually is quite a benefit because I’m less distracted by past memories and better able to enjoy the present.

    And I won’t be horizontal. Hopefully I’ll just be a pile of ash.

    1. Far be it from me to be pedantic – but both you and Ramana WILL be horizontal first, whether you like it or not – whatever happens to your shell later.

      Your ashes to my dust,
      Ursula recently posted..Royal Flush

  2. Oh Madeleine. Have you not experienced or known of this in others: the brain harms of drugs, illnesses and accident? Has none of that entered your life, or the life of those you love, causing profound forgetfullness and plain memory loss? The loss of past self inching ever up toward now.

      1. Indeed! But at least Madelience was spared seeing formerly women-only Smith College accept male students.

  3. At the moment my life is enriched by my past experiences, but as marms says, there are no guarantees our minds won’t go before our bodies. With any luck Kaitlin and Torben will scatter our ashes up on the land.
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..Sound Advice?

    1. I read your comment over yonder: An exercise ball chair! Yes, that’s just what I need to round (haha) out my decor. I have a recliner. Well furbished sloth.

  4. there’s a saying i have always liked. . .
    which sort of takes the fear out of loss of memory.
    “i’m glad we’re the best of friends. and if i ever get senile … we’ll be NEW best friends!”
    i too will be clean little white ashes… just like zeke and sara… my beloved dogs.
    i had never seen remains of ashes before until they each died.
    it took any fears away of that too.
    until then i’m trying to learn to live in the NOW! 🙂
    and p.s.
    i’m also a june hippy! a gemini for sure.
    tammy j recently posted..moving on old bean

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