Getting To Know Me – II

I am really overwhelmed by the response to my previous post. Apart from the comments that have appeared on the blog, I have received many emails congratulating me for putting it up and seeking to know more about me.

Rather than write an autobiography, my dear sister Padmini, has suggested that I post what she had said about me on my 60th birthday.

For my non Indian friends, the 60th birthday in India is an important mile stone, and Hindus usually celebrate it in a grand scale. This goes back to those old days when life expectancy was not as high as it is today and so anyone living up to 60 years of age was considered to be blessed and so the fuss. That tradition has continued till date. None in my immediate family however had a big bash but we did treat it as an important milestone and congratulated each other by mail. Subsequently, when my brother from England had come to India,we had a grand evening out with the whole family as by then, all three brothers had crossed the threshold. This year, our youngest, the sister will reach that milestone in October and hopefully we shall do something about that.

I am rather embarrassed about posting this little note but, I have never really been able to say no to my sister. So, here it is for what it is worth.

Roller-coasting through life’s
Adventures, experiences, encounters
Manoeuvring the waves of existence
Always available with a friendly shoulder
Neutral, never dictatorial and overbearing
A Man for all seasons

Relishing, the good things of life
Adopting change and surrendering, but
Jovial, joyful, jaunty and insouciant
Going the extra mile in work and for people
Open to inputs on the trivial and profound
Painfully and obsessively neat and tidy
Amiable but with the simmering clan ire
Unparallaled sibling and beloved, dutiful son
Loving, loyal and nationalist Vedantic

I find it difficult to believe that it is me! May be from the eyes of a sister things look different!

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