Gift From The Sea.

While commenting on my post Myth Busted – Love Lasts, a regular commentator gave me something priceless.

I am grateful to Jean from Cheerful Monk for persuading me to read a fascinating book – Gift From The Sea, by Anne Morrow Lindberg. I wish that I had read the book prior to my post on Enforced Idleness went live. I would have approached the subject differently and perhaps would have incorporated some ideas/quotations from the book.

In simple easily readable and understandable language the author takes the reader through life of those days (1955) many observations of which are as valid today as they were then. While she writes as a woman in the fifties, her insights are as valid for men as for women.

I strongly recommend the book to those of my readers who have not read it. This is one book that I know, I will be returning to, over and over again.

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