Gift Voucher.


My propensity for sequels and my awe at synchronicity increases every day. But rather than call this post Relaxation II which would have been logical, let me use this forum to say thank you to Manjiri.

Yesterday my son Ranjan came and sat next to me while I was solving my usual quota of crossword puzzles. Out of the blue he said that his girl friend Manjiri has gifted me with a voucher for a massage at an upscale spa close to home where I would be able to choose from various types of massages including the pizhichil that I had written about yesterday. I asked him whether he had read my LBC blog post on relaxation and he said no. He added that the gift voucher had been with him for a few days and he had just forgotten to give it to me.

1. While I was busy writing about massages, Manjiri had decided to gift me with a voucher for one.
2. I discovered that I can get my favourite massage close to home with commuting time of about ten minutes either way.
3. On the day that my blog post appeared all these three developments came together!

As the readers of the book The Secret and believers in the law of attraction would say, the universe answered!

Amazing is it not?

12 thoughts on “Gift Voucher.”

  1. It truly is. Amazing and wonderful! If only you could have seen my face as I read this post. I broke out in a huge smile.

    Now, off to read your previous post, so I can learn about this type of massage that you’re so enamoured with.

  2. Absolutely! Or not amazing but available to us always if we are open to all that is there for us. BTW, I have totally switched to Sudoku from crossword puzzles although judging by the way I fail to come up with the proper words in conversation, perhaps I should switch back.
    Talk to Me…I’m Your Mother recently posted..Wishes for the New Year

    1. I find sudoku too easy! The American crossword puzzles really challenge me and I often have to work around to get names of American celebrities.

  3. I think your use of synchronicity is lost eventually on people without the renewal of its definition:

    Synchronicity is a concept developed by psychologist Carl Jung to describe a perceived meaningful coincidence. I think the level of that meaning is has been expanded in your use to mean more than perceived, that it is an underlying universal truth. Is that your understanding?
    The Old Fossil recently posted..Hidden Institutional Problems Easy to Publicly Deny

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