Give Us This Day Our …………….

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No, it is not the royal us, but my list of all the things that I ask every day for a humble me.

Electricity.  The moment I wake up I need to switch on a bedside lamp so that I don’t bump into furniture.  I also need it for the rest of the day and evening for various gadgets without which the household will not function the way it does otherwise and those indispensable things like the radio and television.

Running water. For my morning ablutions and for the rest of the day’s requirements.

Quiet.  For my morning meditation session.

Cooking gas.  For making my morning cup of tea, and for cooking other meals.

Internet connection. To catch up with mail that would have arrived overnight, and to keep returning to throughout the day.

A healthy milk man. So that he can deliver the daily ration of milk on time for me to make breakfast for me and the family as well as to start a batch of yogurt.

A healthy news paper deliver man. So that he can deliver my daily quota of news papers for giving me the news as well as the four crossword puzzles that I solve every day.

Various other conveniences like a problem free car to take out at need, availability of drivers on call at short notice, auto rickshaws and taxis and other shops that need to be open for us to buy our daily needs.

A functioning land line telephone and mobile telephone.

And the money to afford all these conveniences and the health to enjoy them as I do.

You do get the drift don’t you?  My grand parents did not ask for any of these things and my parents did not either till well into their middle age.  My son will add a few things to that list that for him and his bride will be absolutely essential and the story goes on.

So, the Lord’s prayer taken literally for just the daily bread will not do for me in modern life!  And I cannot ask Him to forgive me my trespasses / sins as He has already ensured that at my age I am not led into temptation.



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  1. Don’t worry, Ramana: I’ll lead you into temptation (unless Maria aka gaelikaa gets there before me). Sadly I made mental note many moons ago that you appear to prefer the darker shade of female. This is where I fall so short I might as well not show up at the party. Except to provide contrast. Even I have some use when I put my mind to it.

    You forgot toilet paper on your list of daily blessings.

    Ursula recently posted..Bloody brilliant

  2. Not what I expected from you at all with this topic.

    Of the eleven items you list above, a lack of water & electricity would really impact on my life, I have no need for a milkman and I keep up to date with news on-line from the twelve news links that pop into my feed reader from across the globe. My camping gas stove, candles and matches are all on standby during our unsettled stormy weather and I have plenty of fuel for the fire. My house can be as quiet as the grave if I choose – and often do. I have a car but the driver is on sabbatical right now, I am hoping that will change in the near future as I miss my adventures. As for the bread, I learned how to make many a long year ago.
    Grannymar recently posted..Thursday Special ~ A good answer?

    1. I just allowed that piece to write itself Grannymar. When I started, that is not what I expected it to turn out to be either. We do live under different conditions and so I am not surprised at your high degree of self reliance.

  3. oh cowboy! that IS sad. but somehow i cannot totally believe it.
    remember president carter lusting in his heart? LOLOL. oh well. there is SO much more to life than merely that.
    and you named all of mine.
    well. except i don’t drink tea. and they haven’t delivered milk in this country since probably 1950. and i don’t take any newspapers. or ride in rickshaws. but ALL the rest of it is definitely on my daily thank you prayer! and more really. modern medicine keeping me alive! and the bbc on tv and bookstores that never fail to raise my morale as much as tiffany’s did for holly golightly! ah. i’ve gone on WAY too long here.
    and DANG IT. i’m practicing being shorter for my new blog. oh well. next time. snoopy hug comin’ your way cowboy.
    tammyj recently posted..NEVER COULD

      1. ohmygosh! as they said in valley speak. talking about a few dcades behind.
        i hope you didn’t have a horse and cart. LOL.
        and now… i am just under kansas…
        in oklahoma.
        and yes. according to both coasts we are still a few decades behind!
        tammyj recently posted..NEVER COULD

  4. home milk deliveries, at least in this City have gone the way of the horse and cart…

    replaced at one time by the dairy (shop selling all kinds of things including groceries, lollies, cigarettes, mouse traps etc) and then later added to supermarket shelves where you select which brand/size you want…

    which also sell similar things to dairies but at about 1/2 the price…some of the dairies are now known as convenience stores! And some even get into price wars with supermarkets offering extremely good mark downs on even “milk”

    NZ recently had big shendig about “milk” pricing caused by Fonterra trying to outrun it’s competitors and forcing supermarket chains to get into reasons why their milk brand was better than another…

    Let’s not there 🙂
    Cathy in NZ recently posted..Let’s take a walk along. . .

    1. Milk in India plays a very important role in all kinds of diets irrespective of the state or location. We have come a long way from days of acute shortage to now a highly competitive situation with the cooperative sector outgunning the private sector.

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