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  1. I heard that British weather is now called Islamic weather – sometimes Sunni , sometimes Shite ! One of my Brit friends remarked a while ago “The British Empire on which the sun never set , is now reduced to an Island on which the sun never seems to rise !” But seriously one hoped that after Sandy , the USA ( worlds biggest “contributor” to global warming ) got a wake up call , but looks as though the “fiscal cliff” has taken precedence – crazy – if you are gonna be wiped out you might as well be broke !

      1. I am aware that there are divergent views on almost any issue in a democracy – environment , wars , gay rights , legalising marijuana , medical termination of pregnancy etc etc . We have such raging debates here as well in our country . But in the end we can only go by a Nation’s affirmative action , not by internal processes /debates/deliberations and the opinions of a section of citizens – however large . USA has not ratified the Kyoto Protocol and has been employing delaying tactics for the past 15 years . Even yesterday at the UN Climate Talks in Doha the US ( among other “developed” countries ) is being obstructive ( in the view of developing countries ) . Powerful lobbies are at work in the US against it as we all know ( like with changing gun laws for eg while innocents including children are being killed by lunatics with monotonous regularity and yet this did not feature prominently in the recent Presidential debates as far as I am aware let alone any move for change ) .
        As far as global warming is concerned the clock is ticking and if nations do not heed the warnings the outcome would be disastrous not just for the “chief offenders” but for all . The global news coverage about Sandy was largely focused on the destruction it caused in the US and little coverage was evident of the ravage to smaller nations before that . Did for eg people in the US even hear about Cyclone Nilam which hit the East coast of India just a few days after Sandy ? Or even that 300 people have perished in Philippines just yesterday ? This “broad brush” of destruction will paint us all in the end !
        While Pres Obama has asked Congress for $ 50 bil for the post Sandy clean up/reconstruction there is no mention of any move towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions or signing the protocol while nearly 200 other countries have ratified it . Some scientists argue it may already be too late ! I too supported Obama as an observer but if a Govt elected by a majority cannot push through legislation on such an important issue which threatens the life of not just its own citizens but the world at large , for whatever reason – lobbies , obstruction in Congress by obdurate Rep. or whatever – it will be global disaster ! Like with most other issues I fear for all our children !

        1. Nandu, we share the same concerns and humanity is in this together. The Fiscal Cliff is actually more important in the Global Warming debate than you give it credit for. It is actually a power struggle to determine how the American future and approach will be defined. It really has less to do with money than with power.
          Like I said, the battle must be waged. Unfortunately, it is too late to not suffer much of the consequence of pro-propaganda / anti-science methods of swaying the public. We will face consequences of Global Warming even if we totally clean everything today. We fight and it behooves us to enter this fray with firm resolve, understanding of the needs of one another in the present that will create the future, and share a humility in the face of extreme difficulty.
          I, personally, would have signed the Kyoto Protocol when it was first produced. Obama, I believe, would do the same – if he can get enough power base motivated to do so. I strongly advise seeing the movie “Lincoln” to get perspective on some of these issues.
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        2. We could blog and rant till we are all blue in the face ( shades of Avatar ! ) but I think China has the right idea – a settlement on the moon is what they are planning – good news for those who follow – chow mein , loast duck and fortune cookies will be on offer ( there are no snakes on the moon ) ” Chopsticks on the Moon ” http://youtu.be/zPwMdZOlPo8

  2. I am still pondering the wonderful coincidence that the only scientifically identified solution to global warming is massive government micro/micro regulation of industry for the greater good, which is exactly what leftists have been prescribing for the last 150 years.
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      1. “How absurd men are! They never use the liberties they have, they demand those they do not have. They have freedom of thought, they demand freedom of speech. ”
        Soren Kierkegaard ( a 19th Century Danish philosopher ) . Now that “they” have started tackling freedom of speech , thought is not far behind – shades of “Minority Report ” ! ( Psst ) I’m trying to develop a “thought detection proof ” helmet but have run into problems – maybe they have already read my thoughts ! And won’t even pay me the proverbial “penny” : )

        1. When in full flow, Nandu could be indeed. I used to listen in awe when he would wax eloquent on things that he was passionate about. no not Marilyn Munroe and the like, but the products that he used to manage!

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