Globalisation Versus Tribal Nationalism.

According to WHO, globalisation can be defined as “the increased interconnectedness and interdependence of peoples and countries. It is generally understood to include two inter-related elements: the opening of international borders to increasingly fast flows of goods, services, finance, people and ideas; and the changes in institutions and policies at national and international levels that facilitate or promote such flows.”

I am all for this provided, the spirit of the policy is implemented without any reservation but, in practise, that has not been the case as the next choice comes into play.

“Tribal nationalism more popularly called right-wing populism is a response to worries about immigration and national identity, coupled with genuine social injustices including economic hardship and unemployment.”

I live in India.  We have gone through a partition of the country that divided us into two and now that has become three with some elements of the division still troubling us.  Unlike the post world war II Europe, where full exchange of ethnic minorities took place, we did not due to what is now felt as stupidity of the then leadership of the country and we have an effective fifth column operating here.  We have a major problem of illegal migrants from our neighbouring countries encouraged by this fifth column and  some of our short term oriented politicians for vote bank politics.  There is also a sixth column which is the leftist  elite leftover from our experiments with socialism which, while on the retreat is also causing much damage to our youth.

Our Tribal Nationalism therefore is very appealing to people who are proud of our heritage and history who are unashamedly Indian and who are the cause for the despair of the English Speaking Left Intellectual Mafia as they are now called.  I have no hesitation whatsoever to confirm that I am a Tribal Nationalist who is willing to accept Globalisation which will treat us exactly as it would like us to treat it.  With respect.

I would therefore have preferred to call the title with an “And” instead of the “Versus” suggested by Shackman.

This is my take on this week’s Friday 6 On 1 blog post topic. The other five bloggers who write on the same topic every Friday are Sanjana, PadmumRaju, Shackman and Conrad.  This week’s topic was suggested by Shackman. Please do go over to their respective blogs to see what they have to say on the topic. Thank you.

9 thoughts on “Globalisation Versus Tribal Nationalism.”

  1. We seem so similar, but it is times like this that I see how different our nations’ needs can be. As you have often done,I think it appropriate that I demure on your national needs. I only wish you peace and satisfaction. You already have my respect.
    Conrad recently posted..Globalizations versus Tribal Nationalism

    1. I think that there is no escaping the return of tribal nationalism across the globe due to various reasons and the pandemic has just accelerated the process. We can expect some major shifts in alliances and connections in the post covid world. We are also likely to see some drastic changes in the ways we live with each other in all countries.

  2. Huge changes are coming. USA and China rattling chains and Russia watching like a hawk to see which way it will jump. Covid and Climate Collapse and all this tribal individualism may be irrelevant.


  3. Tribal nationalism is certainly on the rise here in the UK. Brexit is one example, the government’s “hostile environment” for migrants is another. But globalisation has led to many of our companies falling into foreign hands, in direct opposition to nationalist sentiments. So yes, very much a “versus” in the UK.

  4. The trick is to get the tribal nationalists to recognize the value of a degree of globalization. We really ate all inthis together and the future is at stake.

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