26 thoughts on “Go Metric!”

  1. there are still “pockets on non-metric” in NZ – I think the building trade, and in particular some pieces of timber are not metric. As noted above the 2 x 4 – although I’m pretty sure that anyone in that trade has a x-over knowledge. Having never bought such a piece of timber, I don’t know…

    In my old weaving world – the % of looms were in imperial so when customers wanted something in metric – I would have a lot of trouble…our patterning threads were mainly worked on “ends per inch”

    I know I have difficulties with “height” but am comfortable with weight… Although I also have difficulties with some clothing sizing – I feel much better with “small, medium, large…(or trying them on…) 🙂

    1. I too have exactly the same problem. Just heights and that too only of people. I have no problems with understanding metric heights of mountains and buildings but, when it comes to people, I convert to feet and inches. I have no problems with weights at all.

  2. I’m now well used to metric temperatures and know what 10, 15, 20 or 25C mean in terms of warmth or cold. But if I tell Jenny it’s 15 degrees, she always says “So what’s that in fahrenheit”?

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