Gokulashtami / Krishna Jayanti.

Today will be the day that many youngsters have been looking forward to ever since the monsoon rains started to pour.

It is Krishna Jayanti, a day to celebrate and have fun. There are many ways of enjoying it and everything revolves around the children at home.

Here is one of my neighbours. Vedant goes to what is known here is “Pre-School”. Today, all the children have come to school dressed up like child Krishna.

His mother has promised to give him a lot of butter today. If she does not, Vedant has an announced his intentions to come over to my place for a tub full of ice cream.

Now for the adults, our Residents Association took serious objection to holding a Dahi Handi contest in a busy area of our township. Imagine this being done in the middle of a major junction of a very busy locality.

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