Gone Girl.


Having read the book based on some reviews before the movie was released in India, I can vouch for one new experience for me. This is the first time that I have seen a movie that is better than the book was. All it took to persuade me to see the film having already read the book was its leading actor, Ben Affleck. A big surprise was Roasamund Pike whose performance is absolutely stunning. I don’t remember having seen her in any movie before and she has just become another name to watch out for for me. Between the two of these very capable actors, the characters come alive and very true to life. ¬†Excellent direction and tight editing makes for a very intense watching experience.

The picture was unusually long, a very difficult for senior citizens like me two hour and forty minutes of sitting around, but this is one time that I am not complaining. It simply could not have been any shorter without compromising the story and its bizarre characters and ending. I simply cannot find any fault with the movie and so it gets[rating=6] from me.

Let me just tell my readers that it is a very watchable movie but please be prepared to spend a loooooong time watching it.  If I had known that it would be so long, I would have opted to see it at home so that I could pause at convenient intervals.

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