Good News After A Long Time.

Parts of our state had already received relaxation of lockdown rules last week but, our city and district was among those that did not as the daily covid cases were still high compared to the other parts.

Many businesses were suffering due to the lockdown rules and so their associations staged protests in many places which obviously registered with our political masters. After consulting so called experts a relaxation has been announced with effect from this morning.

Here is the news item announcing the same.

The lockdowns may have prevented further spread of the pandemic but the price that ordinary people have had to pay in terms of loss of earnings and employment has been very high. I personally know of cases where housewives have had to go to work as domestics or start catering services from home to keep up with mortgage payments and to meet other domestic expenses.

With this easing of the conditions, I hope that the economic situation of our city and state will start to recover.

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  1. I do hope it doesn’t result in another wave Ramana.
    All our restrictions have been lifted with almost zero cases but flights in have started up and the US next door is an absolute hot bed of reality denying. I saw a few US car plates here the other day and was highly alarmed.


    1. All of us also hope that it does not lead to further deterioration but, I believe strongly, like many others do too, that the economic hardship caused by the lockdown is far more dangerous now than the casualties if there is another wave. Only time will tell and we are keeping our fingers crossed that our covidiots will not cause problems.

  2. I, too, hope your area avoids another corona virus wave. I do think it’s early to think we’ll all avoid further variant problems any time soon given so many in the world have not been vaccinated. At best we can hope a variant immune to existing vaccinations doesn’t develop and spread.

    1. As I had responded to WWW, the economic costs now outweigh the cost of managing the pandemic. A calculated risk has been taken and we all hope that it will work.

  3. I know of what you speak as Florida was recently named the epicenter of the pandemic.

    Of concern is school openings and the current dispute between our school boards and the politicians regarding mask mandates in schools.

    Very sad state of affairs.

    1. I have so far not mentioned our education system’s problems which are no less than what you are seeing there. Children undergoing psychiatric treatment for depression and anxiety seems to be quite common from the accounts that we gather from our media.

  4. I’m glad to read this news.
    Meanwhile, the number of covid cases in my country, Indonesia, has increased significantly. Restrictions tightened in most areas.
    While human dealing with the Delta variant not yet finished, now a new variant from Colombia has emerged. It is also possible that other new variants will appear someday.
    It seems that the humans ability in science is being challenged by Mother Earth.
    Maybe Mother Earth still angry.

  5. Good luck. I agree the economic hardship has been so real. We are wearing masks at work and it isn’t hard.

    1. You are still working. I guess that for my blog one of the very few visitors who do. No, wearing a mask is not difficult and I have got quite used to it particularly after initial difficulties due to my spectacles. I wear them only when I go out of the house though.

  6. A lot of people have been in dire financial straits because of the various lockdowns, and driven to desperate remedies as you say. I hope the relaxation of lockdown will help them get back to some sort of normality.

    1. As I write this, reports in our media would indicate that there is certainly in an uptick in trade and businesses and workers are returning to duty. Incidents of new cases and discharges, deaths also seem to be well under control. Vaccination is proceeding without much difficulty too. Our problem is mainly the numbers.

  7. Yes, that’s great news but I too can see the economic pressure from the point of view of your extensive population – we are but a drop in the ocean in New Zealand – total approx 5 million. However, we have extensive import and export – which have shown that the supply chain has suffered. And there is always the threat that community transmission will return, even with the borders still closed – the Trans Tasman bubble is again closed but some of the Pacific nations are still inside our bubble.
    Catherine de Seton recently posted..I’m feeling better, more in control, today

    1. Yes, as you rightly observe our problems are in handling the numbers. Reports however indicate that the situation is under control and the vaccination program, hospitalisation and discharges are well under control.

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