Goodbye Old Faithful!

For the past twenty odd years this copper pot has been my faithful companion every night. It would be filled with drinking water by around 4.00 pm every afternoon and kept near my bed for me to drink about half of it as soon as I wake up in the morning on an empty stomach.

I started the practice as part of my daily morning routine on the advice of an Ayurvedic Doctor as a healthy habit. I can vouch for its efficacy as I always feel the difference to my sense of well being when I am out of Pune and am denied this morning habit. Drinking water first thing in the morning from the glass bottles or other vessels helps but it is not quite the same thing as drinking water stored in a copper vessel.

A week ago, I found that the vessel was leaking and so had to find a substitute. Uncle Amazon helped me source a modern equivalent and once it arrived I have bid goodbye to the old vessel. Manjiree insists that the leak can be stopped by some copper vessel makers in the old city and will take the vessel one of these days there to see if it can be done. If it can be, all for the good and I will revert to keeping that beside my bedside while keeping this new baby as a standby. In the meanwhile, I will be using the new copper bottle as it is called by Amazon.  Back to being bottle fed?  Perhaps apt for a second childhood!

15 thoughts on “Goodbye Old Faithful!”

  1. Copper is such a beautiful material. The bottle or the pot would both suit me although I do love the rounded shape of the old pot.
    I have a habit of waking in the night thirsty and have started keeping an insulated water bottle by the bed so there is warm water to drink through the night. It’s much nicer than cold!

  2. Thank you, Ramana. I just ordered a bottle for myself as I am trying to behave in as healthy way as possible, especially that they poison me so much to cure me.
    About the old faithful it would be nice to fix it. My favourite tea cup started to leak so much that it was difficult to drink my tea without most of it disappearing from the cup by the time I was done with it. The same looking replacement is coming from Poland in a couple of weeks, but I do not think it will feel the same.

    1. I am glad that you did that Anna. I wish you speedy recovery. Interesting about the cup. I too prefer to drink from one mug and if it breaks, replace it with a similar one.

  3. copper here in implements usually means a skillet or other such cookware.
    then a lot of people started wearing the copper bracelets for their arthritis.
    I don’t know if it’s helpful or not. I suspect it is.
    I am learning so much about Ayurvedic principles that it fascinates me.
    glad you have a replacement until the little pot gets fixed! SH

    1. I wear copper bracelets though not because I have arthritis. There are occasions when I go on some kind of retreat but while staying at home and during those periods, I wear one of two bracelet that I have. I shall write a mail to you about them.

  4. I’m glad you found something to tide you over, but I’m also glad that Manjiree will try to get the old one repaired. I’m sentimental and treasure my old friends.

  5. Interesting that a morning drink of water out of your copper pot improves your sense of well-being. I find the same when I have a cup of tea first thing, but maybe water would give even better results? Amazing what you can get from Uncle Amazon!

    By the way, fancy calling me an old fart. How very dare you! 🙂

  6. Copper is lovely. Hope you’re able to have the leak repaired.
    My mother always drank a cup of hot water every morning when she awoke. I typically drink a glass full of room temperature water in the morning immediately after brushing my teeth.

    1. As I write this, I have got used to the new flask and the old pot is yet to get repaired as going to the old city is quite a daunting task and my DIL hasn’t yet found the energy to do that!

  7. Interesting I read this post this week, but didn’t comment – gosh this sickness has mushed my brain considerably. I have water bottles placed here and there, but I prefer stone cold water from the fridge – sips keep me going, but sometimes I feel the need for a pint or so…

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