Gran Torino.

gran torino

I was unable to see this movie when it was released as I was quite preoccupied with more important matters than watching movies. It was something that stayed with me for quite some time as something to do in the future.

When I was able to get a DVD I was thrilled and I saw it earlier this evening with excellent company, and Nandu, home popped pop corn and soft drinks.

Clint Eastwood did not let me down. The storyline was very believable and the direction taught.  The characters came alive and it was riveting from the start to the finish.  The dialogue, simple and powerful.  The climax scene was worth a great deal for originality as I was expecting heroics. The overall experience was one of total satisfaction and I give it [rating=5].

12 thoughts on “Gran Torino.”

  1. this man is such a quiet force of nature. i find him mesmerizing to watch. in whatever role it is.
    i admit this is not my kind of picture. but because of your review i will get it from the library. i read that people walk quietly out of the theater after seeing it. like it has moved them deeply. and there is a lot to digest.
    thanks rummy!
    tammyj recently posted..i’m a biker at heart

  2. Yes I remember watching this – good movie – custom made for CE ( aka Dirty Harry ) ! BTW try what I call “Indian Pop Corn” ( in case you haven’t already ) . Muri/pori/kurmura/puffed rice with bareek sev , microwaved for 40 secs . It has no butter or fattening ingredients ( sev is just a sprinkling ) so very light . If you want o spice it up a bit add finely chopped raw onion and coriander – but then it is slowly approaching sukha bhel !

  3. Clint Eastwood. I knew it’d be a Macho movie. I looked at the trailer, & it is. Most movies are nowadays.

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