I had reconciled myself long ago to being recognised as Manjiree’s father in law and Ranjan’s father.

On Thursday I had to reconcile myself to being recognised as the grandfather of Chutki.

A young couple who live in the same suburb as I do, who too are dog lovers have obviously been meeting the three individuals mentioned above at various forums including during walks with the dogs.

I ran into this very charming couple at a function on Thursday and during the getting to know each other process, they discovered that I am their neighbour and this is how they recognised me!

11 thoughts on “Grandfather.”

  1. I understand! As the mother of four young adults I am very proud of them but I am starting to wonder when I stop being their mother and have my own identity.

    I am okay with being the minion of Harry

    1. My son and daughter in love are in their mid forties. This is when they are better known than their parents due to the sheer logic of life! I too am perfectly happy being Chutki’s gp.

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