Gratitude List – November 26, 2011

Saturday I was doubly blessed. My cousin Sampath drove down from Mumbai and spent three very short hours with us and left us wishing that he could have spent more time with us.

My blogger friend Praveen who has become a regular telephone contact, took a train from Mumbai to have lunch with us and to spend a delightful afternoon with me, once again leaving me longing for more of his company. We had a grand time getting to know each other better and I hope that we will have more such meetings. To add to my joy, Praveen also brought some favourite sweetmeats, called chikki for me.

Sunday saw me asking for help from my great friend who never says no to me, Abbas to come up with a solution to a problem that my father has presented me with. As ever, Abbas put on his thinking cap and had promised to come up with a solution.

Monday, after all those days of visitors, was very quiet except for one unexpected phone call from my niece in law who passed on the phone to my grand nephew who wanted to say hello to me! Late in the evening, contrary to my expectation, I received two more orders which would have normally been received only next month.

Monday, just as I was trying to go off to sleep for the first time without any medication, other than my vitamin and calcium supplements since the surgery, however perked up! First I got a phone call from Praveen checking up on me, and, hold your breath, I got two love messages from a strange number on my mobile phone! Quite whether it was the effect of these two developments, or it was just nature finally saying that I am on the mend, I slept well.

Tuesday – Abbas came and took my father’s walker away to fix a removable tray on it. He is quite confident that he can do exactly what my father wants. I got very excited learning a new trick in blog writing from Ranjan. I intend using that trick in many forthcoming posts. The most satisfying part of that learning process was that Ranjan simply had to point me in the right direction and I could learn the rest by myself.

Wednesday had Abbas bring back the walker all done up to the full satisfaction of the old man. Nice to have a friend like that. His son Abdul in turn presented us with a whole lot of minced meat samosas which my father loves. It was my father’s day all the way as just as we were about to shut down for the day, Susan brought some Fish Molly for him, which alas had to be refrigerated for him to eat on Thursday. Ranjan did his bit for his father which has inspired a blog which will appear next week.

And for me, business was unexpectedly good with customers wanting to place orders anticipating price increases due to the depreciation of the rupee.

I got good news on Thursday about Anil. He had picked up a particularly virulent form of a virus infection and had been laid low. For the first time in many days, he was able to eat properly and had been advised that all the tests are positive and that he was over the hump.

A politician of some standing from our state was assaulted in Delhi and our city faced some troubles because of the anger of his local followers. I wanted to see what was happening on the TV and found that the cable service had disconnected my connection despite my bills having been paid on time. After much toing and froing, the connection was restored late in the evening. Had the assault not taken place, I would not have known about the disconnection at all! So, some good came out of the assault after all! 🙂

Friday had Ranjan down with the seasonal flu and so I had to depend on my neighbours to source some groceries not available with our regular grocer. They obliged with great enthusiasm and I am truly grateful for such wonderful neighbours.

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