Gratitude List, December 24, 2011.

I received a phone call which reminded me that I need to be very grateful for my 94 year father’s health allowing him to be independent and capable of looking after himself. This is a major blessing as there are other care givers who have wards who are bed ridden and have to do much more that I do for my father.

Saturday saw two very dear friends drop in to spend some time with me. One around lumch time and the other in the evening. Colonel (Retd) Anand, despite his disability of blindness and Karl, another disabled person. Both are inspiring personalities who show that despite disabilities people can live fruitful and joyful lives. While I was given a chance to be of some service to the former, the latter brought a couple of books for me read which he had read and highly recommended.

Despite it being Sunday, my friend and GP came over to have a look and treat my father who had a bad night with a congested chest and bouts of coughing. My father found relief within a couple of hours and had a peaceful Sunday siesta and night sleep.

Vimlu rang me up from a local super market to ask if I wanted anything brought and yes, I did. Great to have such thoughtful neighbours.

Monday was a very quiet and peaceful day though I started to get antsy, it being the last day of the 12th week of house arrest. I did manage to finish reading one book and started off another. When I rang up my surgeon for an appointment for Tuesday, he readily agreed for one.

Tuesday, nothing else mattered. I met my surgeon and was given a clean chit and released from all restrictions with the caution that I just have to be careful the next few weeks till the body got used to the new implant. I was able to climb the staircase and move into my own bed room after three months! I slept like a baby.

On Wednesday, I walked to the joggers park for the first time since mid July and had a grand reunion with all my friends. It was nice to know that I was missed and the joy in being there was overwhelming.

Thursday had an old friend Ramesh drop in unexpectedly. It was nice catching up with him after three months! I went to the park again and with less strain than on Wednesday.

Friday was madness. I am however grateful that I had the equanimity and wherewithal to handle everything satisfactorily. It started off early in the morning after breakfast with my father announcing that he was finding it difficult to breathe and he was about to go off to meet the big chief in the sky. I calmed him down and rang up my GP friend who promptly came over, took care of the problem and restored some order in the chaos. I had already booked appointments with my bank for some transactions and on the way back for a hair cut and massage and these too got handled in the nick of time. I had promised to make a special dish for Ranjan and Mitali and before the latter landed up, once again with some chikkoos and drumsticks, I was able to finish cooking the dish. Subsequently, Sanjay too landed up. While all this was going on, the water supply to my bathroom got affected and the plumber who came took about two hours to decide that further work needs to be done which will be done the next day only. I had to use Ranjan’s bath room in the meanwhile.

In all these activities, I had to drop my walk to the park which resulted in a few phone calls from friends wondering if I had had a relapse! Nice to know that people missed me and cared.

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