Gratitude List, January 14, 2012

Saturday I got my readjusted dentures back. Because of the visit to the dentist to get it refitted, one cavity was discovered and that too was filled before it became necessary for a root canal treatment. Phew!

Sunday turned out to be interesting. On Saturday, my lifeline idli supplier announced that he would not be delivering idlies for the next two weeks as he was going down South to his native place. Reconciled to cooking the idlies at home, I had bought the ingredient on Saturday evening and kept it to ferment overnight. On Sunday morning, just as I was about to start the process of steaming the idlies, I heard the air horn and lo and behold Chittan was at the door with the idlies and vadas. He grandly announced that he had postponed his trip to April. Now, I was left with the dough. Mangal came to my rescue and made dosas for lunch with the same dough but diluted more. This is what one of them looked like.

After a long time, we had dosas in style!

By a strange route I came across information about a book “Enjoy Every Sandwich” and bought a kindle edition. I could not put it down once I started it. For those who have not read it, I strongly recommend that they do read it.

My lifeline threw the ball back at me on Monday and said that he has changed his mind again and would be going off for a fortnight or so after all. So, back to the steamer after all! May be the discipline of sourcing the dough will make me walk up to the super market every day!

I had a date! Mitali came over for tea and as usual did not come empty handed. Home grown chickoos and ginger biscuits came along with her. She accompanied me to the park and was quite a sensation among my friends.

A new delicatessen has opened almost next door to our home and I made the first buys from there. Some dough nuts. It is a blessing really for a household of three bachelors.

I attended a meeting of the AA along with Ranjan and Saeed. It was a fantastic evening catching up with many old friends. I am indeed much grateful for the AA without which our lives would have been vastly different than what it is today for us.

I attended a lunch meeting with my spiritual Guru and me erstwhile Vedanta classmates. It was a highly stimulating meeting with my Guru, as it always is and the reunion of the classmates was also highly satisfying.

I had to go back to the dentist for fine tuning the dentures and while doing that, was told that one of my teeth needed a cap. So, I sat through the whole rigmarole and have to go back tomorrow for a temporary cap and after a couple of days thereafter, for the permanent one. I was grateful that I did not have to take a local anesthesia shot while the process was going on.

I took the opportunity of being outside to go for a pedicure and was I pampered! I went to a new saloon and the pedicurist there gave me the best pedicure that I have ever had. I hope that she does not migrate elsewhere.

And as a fitting finale to Wednesday, Ranjan’s friend Saleem from Mumbai came over to spend a night with us. And Cathy, yes, he did not come empty handed. He brought some fantastic biscuits and chocolate coated dried fruits.

Thursday was uneventful with plenty of time for me to catch up on some badly needed reading.

Friday was a very special day for me. A teacher of extraordinary character from my past was visiting Pune to attend a wedding and some of his old students got together to meet up with him and share ideas. I attended the meeting and was able to publicly acknowledge the debt of gratitude I owed him for his generosity. I was grateful for the opportunity and my ability, for the first time since my surgery, to go to the venue by an autorickshaw without any discomfort. The other students too chipped in to share their experiences and it was a nice way to pay personal tribute to a great teacher. I intend writing a post about my gratitude to the teacher.

To add to my joy, the rickshaw driver turned out to be another good Samaritan, who had taken quite a lot of pains to locate me to return a file that I had forgotten behind in his autorickshaw, many months ago. He was most disappointed that I would not be using his services for the return trip also. It was nice to meet up with such wonderful human beings.

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