Gratitude List, January 7, 2012

Being the very first post on this subject for the new year, which is also a leap year, I am grateful for just being around to see another leap year.

Saturday was the last day of the last year. I simply am grateful for all the telephone calls and sms messages that came to wish me a happy new year. As a fitting finale to the old year, my niece Nitila and her husband Viren gave us a very welcome surprise by coming over to Pune from Mumbai to bring in the new year.

Sunday saw me handle a ticklish problem that has been bugging me for some time. In a matter of a few days more, it should be resolved. Sunday also saw Nitila come back to take leave of us before departing for Mumbai. I was able to increase my walking by an extra round of 500 Mts. It resulted in me being a bit sore and tired, but my online friend gave just the right advise to make me comfortable.

Monday was peaceful and quiet and I caught up with a lot of reading.

Tuesday too was uneventful and once again spent a lot of time reading.

Wednesday, had me back in the kitchen cooking as our help was unwell. I cooked a mushroom biriyani with onion raita. Since I had to do everything, I was quite pleased with the progress that I was making. I got an unexpected order for a large quantity.

On Thursday, I made the first major outing as I had intended to during the new year. This would not have been possible had it not been for the kindness of a friend who gave me a lift to and from the venue where the meeting was held.

On Thursday, the plumber that I employ regularly finally returned from his vacation and put the finishing touches to the bath room.

Although I had to forgo my evening walk to the park, the two other developments more than compensated.

My friend Mohan dropped in for a visit on Friday and brought home made idlies and chutney sent with great affection by his lovely wife Latha. Later in the evening, Ranjan’s girl friend Manjiri too dropped in with a whole lot of rasagollas. Great way to wind up the week!

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