Gratitude List – March 17, 2012.

Saturday early morning saw Murugesh departing for Mumbai enroute to Chennai and Tirupur. He had had a restful night and was happy for it. Later after breakfast Pinky and Debbie too left and suddenly the house was back to normal. A normal lunch and siesta and off I went to our monthly alumni meeting where two fantastic presentations were made by two alumni. I was able to take and introduce to the group a young alumnus Anant, who was introduced to me by my niece Vandana. I was also able to get a lift back from the meeting from my neighbour and fellow alumnus Vineeta.

Sunday saw Mitali land up for lunch and we spent quite some time chatting about various matters after lunch of adais that I had made. I was able to go to the park after four days. I went early to sit under the trees and read and meditate for over half an hour. Had a grand reunion with all my friends. Ranjan returned safe from his four day motorcycling trip.

Monday was very quiet except that I had to cook again. What I cooked turned out to be satisfactory and both the elder and the younger Rajgopauls did justice to the dishes. I went to the park again and some of the regulars who had not come on Sunday were there to cheer me without the crutches.

Tuesday was another quiet day. So much so that I was able to find the time to go for a much needed haircut and a massage. I decided against going to the park as it was a day that would have raised talk that would have been distressing to me.

Wednesday saw me grab an appointment that came up due to a cancellation for a pedicure. Total bliss! I cooked a light Mediterranean type of lunch for my father and me and it turned out quite good. I was able to meet up with an old friend and help him with a matter, thanks to my experience of handling a similar problem. I tried a new method of making idlies and it worked! It seems to satisfy my father’s requirement of the perfect idlies.

We had power outage the whole Thursday and I decided to stay at home to be around in case my father needed something. I however had to go to the dentist at short notice as, my dentures, finally in a condition to fit comfortably came back and I was fitted with the same. I was also pleasantly surprised to learn that I did not have to pay anything for the alterations made.

Our American friend Jason Ponti landed up after many adventures in the North of India and Nepal. Jay visits India every year and has been visiting us whenever he is in Pune. This time around, his stories are mind blowing and I intend writing about his experiences anon.

Friday was very quiet and uneventful till late in the evening when Nitin from Mumbai made a surprise visit. We caught up with a lot of news since our last meeting and I sent him off for some fun and games with younger people.

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