Gratitude List – October 29, 2011.

Saturday was very exciting for me. I was able to double the number of repeats for each exercise in my physiotherapy routine. A definite sign of improving physical capability.

Sunday is usually very quiet, but some of my clients work on Sundays as we have staggered weekly holidays in the Western part of India. Two of my clients who had gone away from me during my stay at the hospital for cheaper substitutes, came back and have placed orders – even at higher than the last quoted prices!

Monday, one more great day for some additional business. Unfortunately, we have the rest of the week in various stages of inactivity in India due to the Diwali festival, so the billings will have to wait till the end of the week, but the clients understand and that is good enough for me.

Monday also saw one of my old friends, who had been away for long from Pune, come to visit and share some tales of his wanderings. To add spice to his visit, he had, as is the custom during Diwali days, brought some goodies which are always welcome!

I was also able to get a plumber to postpone his Diwali celebrations by a day to come and fix some badly needed problems and more than I, my father was delighted with the work done.

Tuesday was quiet. Since I would need to do the kitchen work in the mornings from Wednesday, I had a trial run while Mangal hung around. All went well and I was quite satisfied with my ability to do everything hobbling around on foot, supported by a walker.

Wednesday, Day One of total independence. Made the morning tea and breakfast without mishap and felt very pleased with myself. Was also able to organise the dinner routine to round off a perfect day. A nephew who had been out of touch came online chat on FB when I made one of my rare visits to it and it was nice to chat with him for a while. He has promised to bring his three month old son and his lovely wife over to Pune to check on my progress. I look forward to it.

Wednesday being Diwali, many visitors with goodies lit up our home and our appetites. Of particular note was the newly married couple from upstairs who were celebrating their first Diwali and it was a treat to see them in their finery and glowing. I also received a phone call from a friend from the local care givers circle to wish me a happy Diwali. She cheered me up no end with her chat. She has got a major responsibility despite which she bubbles with enthusiasm and that never fails to cheer me up and I look at my own situation differently.

I got a long awaited phone call on Thursday. My adopted son, or rather the young man who considers me to be his surrogate father, called after four months of silence. He had been under a lot of strain and was not willing to talk to me as he had no answers for some of the questions that I always asked. He is now well on his way out of the troubles that he had got himself into and called, using Diwali as an excuse and to inform me of the progress he has made. I was relieved apart from being very happy for him.

I also experimented being without an analgesic with some success but had to take one before bed time. I lasted the day without it though!

Back to two analgesic doses as advised by the doctor and feeling much better on Friday. Otherwise an uneventful day.

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