I write a post every Saturday listing the things that I was grateful for during the preceding week. In that I write about all the little things that make life worthwhile and enjoyable.

It occurs to me that while these things are certainly important and worthy of attention and gratitude there are some big things in my life which need recognition too. This was forcibly brought to my notice by a good friend who inadvertently insisted that I ensure that there is always someone at home to be of help to me in my present disabled condition. This caution was sounded because my 94 year old father, not very stable on his feet, lives with me and I cannot afford to have him fall and hurt himself, as I am in no condition to go to his help.

That forcibly brought to my attention that I am indeed blessed to have my son living with me who is never too far away physically and always available on the mobile phone. Currently, I have a house guest also staying with us who can be of great help too. I am blessed to have excellent friends for neighbours who are always ready to help and they too are just a phone call away.

While it is true that my current convalescence is frustrating, I am at least rid of the major problem of the loose prostheses which was posing a greater danger for my mobility before surgery. I was also blessed indeed to have been financially in a position to undergo the expenses on the surgery and follow up requirements and as I write this, continue to be so.

During and post surgery I was and am able to draw on the physical and moral support of my family and many friends. Many blog friends have prayed and sent me good wishes which have bolstered my morale. Some have been extraordinarily generous with their humorous mails and phone calls which cheered me up greatly. These too deserve my gratitude.

All in all, I am in a very fortunate situation compared to many others who have to fend for themselves to the best of their individual capacities. To those, I send my sincere gratitude and best wishes and offer of whatever help that I can extend given my limitations of health and location.

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