Greetings From Bunc.

This is one comment on my post “Conditions.” that I missed while indisposed. This is from Bunc, all the way from Ayrshire. Rum is unusual there, what with so much of the good stuff – Scotch available!

“There once was a chap called Rum
Who suffered a condition called glum
Not wanting for cash and in good health to last
yet he pined for a non-plato chum

So he cast his net wide and the females he tried
The large and the small and the plump
But he hasn’t yet found in this casting around
The one who can cure his chum slump.

Don’t give up we all cried your libidos not yet fried
There’s bound to be one who’s out there
You’ll once turn a corner and there she’ll be for ya
a lady all willing and fair.”

Bunc, In India, we respond for such good wishes by saying “Aap key moohn mein ghee shakkar.” Literally, “I wish you get a lot of sugar and clarified butter in your mouth.” In other words, “Many thanks for your sweet wishes and I hope that they come true.”

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