Grey Hair.

Grey hair is preferred by most men to no hair. And I leave those worthies who dye their hair to retain a youthful look out of this post.

grey hair


And I think that a combination of grey hair and no hair beats everything in sight.
sean connery

Tammy and I are biased.

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25 thoughts on “Grey Hair.”

    1. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Unfortunately for a lot of people the eyes of the beholder usually are stationed before a mirror musing over the before and after conundrum.

  1. I am of the opinion that men who are bald look better sans hair than with wigs or comb overs. That’s the way they were meant to look. Easy for me to say with a full head of hair though,
    shackman recently posted..Gray hair – LBC post

  2. My hair is a mix I really like, grey, white, red, brown and the odd bit of blonde. I don’t understand people who dye and bleach all the time, they say some of those chemicals seep into the brain. I guess age-defying is important for some. A female friend of mine was telling me recently that in her age-group (60+) you can be fired if you don’t look younger so she supplements everywhere. In terror. Unwritten laws of employment. Ageism has to stop.
    wisewebwoman recently posted..Memory

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