Grey Hair.

Grey hair is preferred by most men to no hair. And I leave those worthies who dye their hair to retain a youthful look out of this post.

grey hair


And I think that a combination of grey hair and no hair beats everything in sight.
sean connery

Tammy and I are biased.

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25 thoughts on “Grey Hair.”

  1. I’ve got glitter, of the silver kind – very fetching I’m told…but then again I changed my hair cut a couple of months ago and most people find that fetching as well 🙂

  2. As you know, my hair is still almost entirely brown even at the ripe old age of 68. Strange, as my father went grey in his fifties. I wouldn’t mind being grey but I would hate to be bald. Not a look I admire at all.
    nick recently posted..Was my face red

  3. Men look “distinguished” with gray hair. Women are led to believe they merely look “old.” I was determined to go gray gracefully, but like CM, my hair’s more of a dirty blonde – it just looks a bit dull, not silver or white. So I dye it. I did have it colored to match the roots, but when the roots failed to go gray as quickly as I’d thought they were doing, I dyed it back to auburn again. Auburn’s much more fun. The really amusing thing is that it brings out my Scottish heritage and people think it looks more natural with my skin color than my natural blonde did! 😀
    Holly Jahangiri recently posted..Objectifying Others for Fun, Laughs, and Profit

  4. Strange thing, I always liked bold men. even when I was young. On Sean Connery and yourself the combination of grey hair and some boldness looks good. But you are lucky, you two.

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