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  1. “The researchers said that typically male features, such as a strong jawline, signal health and high testosterone levels, which may NOT be what women are looking for in a long-term partner.” That sentence in the article doesn’t make sense. Women, biologically programmed, are precisely looking for “a strong jawline” aka high testosterone levels to protect them and their brood. As the Angel would say: It’s primal.

    In fact, come to think of it, maybe some men do spout bears to hide a WEAK jawline; a bit like women less endowed will wear padded bras (oh dear, WWW and Nick and Jean, will “love” me for this).

    Anyway, beard or no beard: You can’t fool me. As to what suits any particular guy from a visual point of view, that’s a completely different question.


  2. One enormous disadvantage for a woman being with a facially hirsute man and I do believe women haven’t told men. But we certainly have chatted uproariously amongst ourselves.


  3. I used to have an impressive beard in my John Lennon look-alike days, but then I went off beards completely. Now I just find them hilarious and I simply can’t take them seriously. If my clean-shaven appearance means I’m less attractive, too bad. In any case I’m firmly spoken for.

  4. I don’t even remember when I was last without a beard. It’s probably been at least 15 years. The last time I was without a mustache was in Navy boot camp, early in 1972. I started growing it after boot camp and before I met Karen. She prefers me with a beard, though there were times I had to shave it because of my job.
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    1. I grew mine because I had a bad case of acne vulgaris and the skin specialist told me not to shave. This was in my early twenties. I have now been with a beard for 55 years! The only few times that I had to take it off was for religious reasons.

  5. big smile here Sean! I can comment under 2000 words on this one.
    I LOVE beards! on men.
    except. they must be kept. the Amish beard (which is not a vanity thing) is never trimmed. and kind of just frizzles out at the ends… to catch all kinds of crumbs and whatever I suppose. ewww.
    but oh my. give me a clipped and neat beard any time. so nautical and wonderful!
    Bob grew one only once when we were married and I loved it. he shaved it off during one of our hottest summers on record. so I totally understood. and yes. the stubble that is so “Hollywood Hot” by tabloid standards is painful to the max. I want to say to them… ” either grow one like a big boy or shave!” (going from memory here. the only kissing I do now is from a favorite dog or dogs. LOL!)
    uh oh. I’m edging toward the 2000 mark. I can feel it coming on.
    please cancel this last part if you need to Sean. seriously. save me from myself.
    it’s a special note to Tikno if he’s serious about his comment above and even still reading:
    I’m well out of the games. but I have wonderful memories. and I think there are three things to remember if you’re a man and trying to capture the romance in a relationship.
    be Kind. always. because the way you treat others is the way she’ll see how you’ll treat her.
    be Confident. (not swaggering not bragging. simply quiet CONFIDENCE).
    and fake it til you make it. the confidence will become natural in your life.
    and there’s a very fine line between being confident and having a foolish ego.
    be Decisive. (even in little things. like ordering in a restaurant. or deciding
    anything really… from your socks in the morning to which street to take.)
    and just an aside… feel free to Laugh. joyfully! it’s contagious. and except in a few Nordic countries most women love it. if it’s hearty and genuine. NOT a constant guffaw that covers silly nervousness. just a genuine laugh.
    it’s sexy and it’s happy. and your future grand children or grand dogs will love you!
    oh Great Scot and Cat House Thursday! it’s another 2000 word theme here.
    but this is one of my favorite subjects. beards. men. and men who value women. and finding the romance in living a real life with them.
    and no. I’m not an expert. the letters after my name are SOL and JP.
    (student of life) and (joyful person).
    with the know it all nerve of giving unsolicited advice in a public place!
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    1. Tammy, Tikno is an Indonesian. That society is very different from the ones in which we live. He will be blushing like nobody’s business! I however think that he would love the unsolicited advice.

    2. Hello Tammy,
      I come back here because your advice sent through cyberspace arrived at my desk 🙂
      Your “unsolicited” advice caught my attention, and The Law of Attraction has working well, LOL.
      Thank you very much.

      Warm regards,
      Tikno – from Indonesia

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