Grumpy Old Men.

Mr. Wislon

Shackman in his comments on my post Greetings And Farewells, had these two nice things to say about me.
“Wow – I never realized what a crotchety old geezer you are. :-)” and,
“Upon reflection I find you are not so much a crotchety old geezer but very much an affable, inquisitive curmudgeon like me with very little time for fools, though they (fools of course) can be very entertaining at times.”

So, I took solace that despite being over the hill as it were having crossed the proverbial three score and ten, I can at least be entertaining. All my good feelings have now come crashing down because some University in the USA has studied curmdgeons for fifteen years and has come to the conclusion that they can only progessively get worse! Shackman, what do I do now?

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  1. I’ve also read that the happiest people are the over-70 group. Poor Andy doesn’t have a choice. I told him he could do anything he wanted with the insurance money from the fire, and I also spent a lot of time helping to design the cottage. There were two strings attached: (1) he had to be happy, and (2) he had to bring home occasional pictures for the blog. He mostly does just fine. It’s only occasionally I have to say, “I was robbed! I spent all of this money so you would be happy. Pony up, Man!” He laughs.
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    1. On a more serious note…

      I can no longer do any of the things that I love to do and have done for most of my life. I am not angry at you or anyone else because of that. In fact, I have only myself to blame for my current lot in life. So I have a choice, I can be grumpy and take my frustrations out on whatever tends to aggravate me or… I can mope around in some sort of state of depression and simply waste away.

      Having said that however, I feel I have paid my dues and have every right to be a grumpy old man! And when I am on display as a grumpy old man, it is usually in the privacy of my home when I am walking around cursing and complaining about the wind having blown someone’s candy wrapper onto my lawn. “Why my lawn? I am surrounded by lawns. Why does the silly-ass wrapper that someone was too lazy to properly dispose of have to find a resting place on my lawn? If I knew whose candy wrapper that was I would go dump my entire garbage can on their lawn!”

      Then when my rant is over I walk out onto my lawn, pick up the candy wrapper and look up the street at all my neighbor’s houses and exclaim… “I got it. Don’t worry about it. Just sit there on your lazy ass and let the elderly pick up your sh** you ass holes!”

      I rest my case…
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  2. If I was a rude person I could have told u that long ago.! jokes apart,Raman,I think that you are a nice curmudgeon,with a terrific sense of humour.Jeete raho! Jug jug jiyo!

  3. Not to worry old friend – the study is clearly flawed as I am not yet 70. So yu’ll simply grow more affable and inquisitive,

  4. you and shackman must team up with ann Margaret and sophia loren
    and make a movie… ‘ grumpiest ‘ old men.
    there’s already a grumpy and grumpier … and they were delightful!
    as are YOU and SHACKMAN!
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