6 thoughts on “Habit / Routine.”

    1. I can see your point but, I think that the point of the film is about his following a routine that he has followed even when he does not have to. Sheer force of habit and mindlessness.

  1. That does not seem like a happy guy. I felt badly for the wife, who seemed not to be appreciated at all. I don’t think I could live with someone who spoke to me that way.

    1. Quite. My late wife would not have lived with me had I been like that. The point of the short film however I think is to show how mindless a large city can make one.

  2. a vastly different culture, but one where it could easily flow over to another land….I know of stories where guys have “retired” or maybe more out of a job and not want family to know…so they get up each morning and go through the rituals of “going to work…” instead all day in park, a mall, cinema until it is time to return home. I guess at some point the game is up…especially when the salary isn’t arriving…

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