My LBC friend Delirious wrote this to the LBC bloggers when she could not access my blog.

“Does anyone know what has happened to Ramana?  I can’t get to his blog, and the email I sent came back as undeliverable.  :(”

Among the various replies she received, I think that mine and Delirious’s response triggered off the inspiration for this post.

Me : “Ramana is very much alive and kicking Delores.  He was just out visiting some friends and family for a few days in New Bombay.

His server went on the blink earlier today, but it is now up and working and his blog can be accessed without any problem.  He has not posted anything after the last Friday’s LBC post though!  He intends to tomorrow.”

Delirious : “Glad to see you around Ramana.  🙂  I thought maybe you had been hacked!”

I am using this post to assure Delirious and all other readers of my blog that no, I have not been hacked.

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