What an experience! I had expected this film to be interesting because it has been touted as being based on the Bard’s Hamlet and I had also seen the trailer in theaters a couple of times. Despite some minor variations from the Hamlet story to fit into the situation in Kashmir where the story unfolds, the experience was more satisfactory than I had expected. That I had a companion who saw it for the second time, it was released here just three days ago,¬†and only told me about it after we had seen the film together reinforces my own assessment that it is an amazing film.

Among the other factors that led me to assess this film so high is a very significant fact that is completely new to me. One individual, Vishal Bhardwaj, has written the script, directed the film, produced it, and also written the music score for the film

The actors, without exception all of them have given amazing performances and it is another factor that I had not expected to be of such high caliber.

The story set in 1995 in Kashmir is poignant, totally believable and clearly depicts the then reality there. The beauty of Kashmir has been captured wherever open air filming has taken place and the cinematography is also of a very high caliber.

Overall an amazing movie and I recommend it to all my readers without any reservations with a[rating=6] rating.

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