Grannymar and I had the following exchange on the comments section in my blog post on Punctuality. 

Grannymar: In my book, being punctual is good manners and shows respect for the person you are meeting. I agree with Nandu, the story is so old it has hair on it!

I: I wish that I had some on my head though!

Grannymar: lol: That is exactly the answer I expected!

I enjoyed the exchange and would like to conclude that exchange with this cartoon.


10 thoughts on “Hair!”

  1. LOLOL!!! love that cartoon.
    men have it so easy.
    they look just as good even with NO hair!
    women on the other hand… well… we have no bruce willis that paved the way for us. or… yul brynner… if you want to go that far back!
    tammyj recently posted..sorry!

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