Halle Berry At Her Best.


I have just returned from seeing The Call.

After a long time, I saw a film that kept me at the edge of my seat almost throughout the screening. Halle Berry, one of my favourite actors has given a superb performance. Superb story telling, direction, cinematography and sound all combine to provide a top notch experience to viewers.

I strongly recommend this film to people who like suspense films.

13 thoughts on “Halle Berry At Her Best.”

  1. Why? Kept you on the edge of your seat? Superb performance? Brilliant cinematography, storytelling, sound, direction? Why? Please share and pray be more generous with the details….but don’t give the plot away….
    Maria recently posted..Indian Fiction – Tantra by Adi

  2. Looks like it’ll end up making money – the trailer is interesting. My grandkids want to see Oz and Jurassic Park 3D

    1. Right now, a 3D movie GI Joe Retaliation with Bruce Willis is running in our theaters but despite being a BW fan, I have decided to skip it. One of my lady friends has been asking me to the Jurassic Park, which too I am avoiding, not because of the picture. Get the picture?

  3. i haven’t even seen lincoln yet! and now it’s out on dvd.
    i have followed her career … but can’t honestly say i have seen halle berry in anything. was very moved by her acceptance speech at the oscar’s one year i remember.
    normally not that fond of suspense films. too stressful on the hypertension! it goes up and up without my even realizing it!
    til i have a head cake (as our blake used to call them when he was 3).
    will check out the link though! thanks.
    tammy j recently posted..oklahoma rain

  4. OH MY GOD.
    you’ve got to be kidding me!
    nope. thanks but no thanks.
    you’re a braver man than i.
    come to think of it. i wouldn’t even watch that if i were brave!!! LOL.
    tammy j recently posted..oklahoma rain

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