Handwriting And Signature II.

Ursula and Cheerful Monk wish to know the results of my taking the quizzes on my earlier post.

The Handwriting Quiz. I am sorry I am unable to provide my original handwriting. This is post my ulnar palsy attack.

handwriting1. Average handwriting – Well adjusted/adaptable.
2. Narrow spacing between words – Can’t stand to be alone / Tend to crowd people.
3. Rounded letters – Artistic / Creative.
4. Connected letters – Logical and systematic.
5. Crossing the t in the middle – Confident / Comfortable in my own skin.
6. Closed O – Private / Introvert.
7. Dot perfectly over the i – Detail oriented / Organised / Emphatic.

My own take on 2. I like my solitude but do like company. I do not think that I tend to crowd people. And on 6, that is my first choice but I can be public and extrovert at need without discomfort, what is known as ambivert.

Other than these, I like what I see!

Signature. You can get some entertainment from an earlier post


1. Full first and last names? No. Keeping myself closed off from others in some way, creating a barrier.
2. Period after the name? No.
3. Ending with a squiggle or a long line? No.
4. Entire signature illegible? Yes. Don’t want people to see the real me.
5. Capital letters larger than the rest? Yes. Good self esteem.
6. Underline the signature? Yes. Self reliant.
7. Signature goes uphill? Yes. Optimistic, Cheerful.
8. Signature different from handwriting? Yes. I am not allowing others to see the real me.
9. Capitals extremely large compared to the other letters? Yes. Want to be well known, socially recognised, famous even!
10. In personal letters placing signature on the right side. Forward thinking and future oriented.

Here again I am puzzled with only one finding, the first one. I don’t think that I keep myself closed off from others in some way, creating a barrier. Other than that, I like what I see here too.

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