Happiness The Turkish Way.

Nazim Hikmat, the great Turkish poet, once asked his friend Abidin Dino (Turkish artist and a well-known painter) to draw a picture of happiness.

Abidin drew a picture of a whole family, cramped up on a broken bed under a leaky roof in a shabby room…but still with a smile of satisfaction on each member’s face.

Since then “Can you paint the picture of happiness for me, Abidin?” is a well-known phrase for Turks.

Goes without saying that the painting became very famous.

I am indebted to Shankar who brought this to my notice. I know that he will be reading this.
Thank you Shankar.

16 thoughts on “Happiness The Turkish Way.”

  1. What a wonderful painting. I love the father holding his umbrella as he sleeps. Presumably if the stove is going, they’re pleasantly warm. And presumably the dog is happy too, sprawled comfortably on top of the three children. I like the way the bottom of the bed is supported on bricks.

    1. I know of similar families Nick and they are not unusual in our part of the world. It never fails to amaze me as to how they manage to be cheerful and content despite hard living conditions made worse by the pandemic.

  2. I love the birds on the window sill and the cat curled up under the father’s pillow. If that isn’t happiness and enjoying what you have, I don’t know what is. Thank you so much for sharing.

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