Hard Life.

An exchange of messages on Facebook between me and my good friend Rajinder.

Rajinder Kumar Sharma

This life’s hard but it’s easy if you’re stupid

Ramana Rajgopaul
It is very easy for me Rajinder. I leave the rest to your imagination.

Rajinder Kumar Sharma
Ramana Rajgopaul I talk about humans and not about Mahatmas.

Ramana Rajgopaul
You know what would have happened had you been within arm’s reach don’t you?

Rajinder Kumar Sharma.

I would have hugged you.


Another friend BKK sent me a message on WhatsApp and asked me why I had left fb.

(I had left a WhatsApp group in which both BKK and I were members.)

I responded that I am still on fb.

He is too embarrassed over his goof to respond. I however hope that he does so that I can have some more fun.

4 thoughts on “Hard Life.”

  1. Interesting exchange.

    My thoughts went to “stupid” people like the covidiots who refuse vaccinations. They are making life harder for for others and, when they become infected, for themselves, especially if they have a severe case.

    I suppose I have become overly preoccupied and bemused by those who will not take advantage of these modern scientific miracles. Stupid is as stupid does, as Forest Gump would say: https://youtu.be/tldGgGFe194
    Mike recently posted..21st-Century Scientific Miracles.

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