Hard To Believe.


For all my American friends. Shackman particularly for the first and second facts.

Movie theater popcorn in America costs more per ounce than filet mignon.

In a typical three hour NFL broadcast, the ball is in play for roughly 11 minutes.

America’s most popular sporting good is the frisbee. It outsells baseballs, basketballs and footballs combined.

Salsa has surpassed ketchup as the top-selling condiment in America.

$77,000 in assets puts you in the world’s wealthiest 10 percent.

Sources: NPR, Wall Street Journal, businessinsider.com, inquisitr.com and BBC.com

As reproduced in Reader’s Digest.



14 thoughts on “Hard To Believe.”

  1. To over-priced popcorn you could add crisps, cornflakes and instant coffee. The profit margins on those must be massive.

    $77,000 seems a very low qualifier for the wealthiest ten per cent. That would put me and Jenny in that bracket for a start. I would have thought $250,000 was more like it. The top ten per cent of households in Great Britain have at least £1,048,500 each.

  2. No surprises really – and I truly prefer popcorn to filet mignon. But a good rib steak is my ultimate fave – even over Orville Reddenbacker popcorn – ahem.

    Now over the years I have heard that same statistic about American football, usually in a snide, snarky manner. While never playing in the NFL, I did play in college – and I am here to say that NO other sport can do as much damage to the human body than those 11 minutes. Think of it – 22 large, fast bodies moving as fast as they can and colliding violently. All for a game. Rugby players are tough as hell but they are not protected with padding so they tackle smarter. Football players need to understand that.

    Frisbees rock and are more universal than any of the other items. No shock there.

    I myself prefer good salsa to catsup (ketchup)

    That 77,000 number is a stunner if accurate

    That is a fun, somewhat useless list – LOL. Right in my wheelhouse.
    shackman recently posted..Favorite Movie Star LBC 11/11/2016

  3. just looked at some “cool/other” facts about New Zealand – some are quite on the books right now “The Shaky Isles” with the double earthquakes minutes apart a few nights ago…

    1. I like some tomato sauce brands – especially on “chips” but I’m not a salsa kind of person, nor chutneys (often has my banned dried fruit in, plus I’m not keen on spicy). So many of these commercial sauces either have too much salt or heaven forbid sugar…

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