Have A Bit Of Fun.

Try this for fun.
Every answer must start with the first letter of your first name:
First name: Ramana
An animal: Racoon
A girl’s name: Ranjani
A boys name: Ranjan
A colour: Royal Blue
A place: Rajnandgaon
A book: Rapunzel
A movie: Run Lola Run
A drink: Rum
A precious stone: Ruby
A type of food: Rasam
An occupation: Roustabout
An illness: Rheumatism
An emotion: Rage
Something you wear: Roundneck T-shirt
A piece of furniture: Recliner chair
Something in the bathroom: Rubber mat
A reason to be late: Rain
Something you shout out: Rascal

Thank you Anita.

23 thoughts on “Have A Bit Of Fun.”

  1. Fun indeed, Ramana. And thanks for many a smile whilst grappling with my predicament, only comforted by the thought that I am no Xavier, Yvette or Zappedeus – where the likes of Looney (Lama) barnacle by another name, Jean (Jaguar) always on the fast lane, and Chuck aka Shackman being spoilt for choice (Crocodile/Chamelon) as is Grannyar: Mouse, Mosquito, Moth, Moose, Mole? See no shortage there.

    Despite appearances to the opposite I do not like to shine lime light on me. Still, considering my, if enjoyable, slog I will now clog up your comment box with the letter U. I trust that, if it’s too much information, you know where to find the Undo button (delete by another name).

    First name: Ursula
    An animal: Unicorn
    A girl’s name: Urmeela
    A boys name: Usama
    A colour: Umber
    A place: Uppsala
    A book: Ulysses
    A movie: Unforgiven
    A drink: Uh Lalala
    A precious stone: Unakite
    A type of food: Ugli Fruit
    An occupation: Underwriter
    An illness: Ulcer
    An emotion: Upbeat
    Something you wear: Union Suit
    A piece of furniture: Ulmer Hocker
    Something in the bathroom: Umbrella (don’t ask)
    A reason to be late: Unavoidably detained
    Something you shout out: (e)Ureka

    Uppermost yours, Ramana,
    Ursula recently posted..I haven’t found it yet

  2. Try this for fun.
    Every answer must start with the first letter of your first name:
    First name: Chuck
    An animal: Crocodile
    A girl’s name: Carly
    A boys name: Christopher
    A colour: Cardinal
    A place: Connecticut
    A book: Canterbury Tales
    A movie: Run Lola Run
    A drink: Rum
    A precious stone: chrysoberyl
    A type of food: Cabbage
    An occupation: Roustabout
    An illness: Cancer
    An emotion: Cocky
    Something you wear: Cap
    A piece of furniture: Chair
    Something in the bathroom: Cleaners
    A reason to be late: Crash
    Something you shout out: Crap!
    shackman recently posted..Internationally Famous Landmarks In My Hometown.

  3. First name: tammy
    An animal: tiger
    A girl’s name: tina
    A boys name: tom
    A colour: teal blue
    A place: tacoma washington
    A book: the grapes of wrath
    A movie: to have and have not
    A drink: tonic and gin LOL.
    A precious stone: tourmaline
    A type of food: tangerine
    An occupation: typist . . . well in the dark ages maybe.
    An illness: tendonitis
    An emotion: tenderness
    Something you wear: top hat
    A piece of furniture: table
    Something in the bathroom: toilet paper … how convenient!
    A reason to be late: terrible news
    Something you shout out: take me with you!
    yes. it WAS fun.
    tammy j recently posted..a birthday bash and a holiday

  4. First name: Holly
    An animal: Hyena
    A girl’s name: Hermione
    A boys name: Herman
    A colour: Heliotrope
    A place: Hell
    A book: Harry Potter
    A movie: How Stella Got Her Groove Back
    A drink: Hot Toddy
    A precious stone: Hackmanite
    A type of food: Hazelnuts
    An occupation: Historian
    An illness: Hives
    An emotion: Horror
    Something you wear: Handkerchief
    A piece of furniture: Highboy
    Something in the bathroom: Hand towel
    A reason to be late: Heavy flooding
    Something you shout out: Hooray!
    Holly J recently posted..How Did You Do It?

  5. First Name: Lin
    Animal: Labradoodle (I love that word)
    Girl’s Name: Lysandra
    Boy’s Name: Lucius
    Color: ‘lectric blue
    Place: London
    Book: Lantern in her hand
    Movie: S Leuth
    Drink: Lemon water
    Stone: ‘lectric blue saphire
    Food: Lettuce, Lasagne, and fresh Lemon pie
    Occupation: Librarian
    Illness: Lung disease
    Emotion: Love
    Something you wear: lingerie
    Piece of furniture: love seat
    Something in the bathroom: liquid cleaners
    Reason to be late: some idiot Let the air out of my tires
    Something you shout out: Look out

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