her-movie-poster1-620x340I would have been happier with the story if there had been a real life woman instead of an operating system with which the protagonist falls in love.  It would have made for a better story line.

The first half of the film took a lot of patience to go through.  I am glad that I stayed with it as the second half, yes literally from the moment the half way mark is over, gathers momentum and you start getting involved with the story. I can be certain about it because I almost walked out after an hour of patiently waiting for the picture to get some momentum.

Joaquin Phoenix has come up with a very creditable performance of a rather difficult role.  Quite whether it is his own talent or whether credit should go to the director Spike Jonze is a moot point.  The other actors contribute little to the movie and they are all almost like cameo appearances.  The voice of Scarlet Johannson is intriguing.  Joaquin with a mustache is a better looking hero than the other roles that he has portrayed.  The portrayal of men’s fashion in the 2020s with trousers and shirt collars looking like these makes me feel glad that I may not have to wear such clothes.

her trousersHer shirtIf you are the patient type and are willing to spend some time understanding an introverted person scared of relationships and his escape mechanisms, this is a movie worth watching.  I am however stumped as to how it got so many awards.

To use Alan‘s rating system. I would give it three stars.

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