19 thoughts on “Hi Chuck!”

  1. LOL. that was too weird rummy. she loved him and his beard! she had finally come around and she LIKED it and him! and he killed her anyway. then the bearded people just took revenge on everybody. lol.
    i had no idea there was such vehemence in the bearded world. hahahaha.
    there are beards. then there are beards. YOURS is very nice.
    the kind I like. closely clipped. neat. but still very much a beard. lovely.
    tammy j recently posted..shhhhh. it’s raining

    1. There is one particular bearded world where there is nothing but vehemence and also a great deal of violence Tammy! You are too gentle to mention that.

  2. LOL – clever – a band from Oz – very interesting. I’ve had mine for just under a third of my existence on the 3rd rock from the sun – shaved it briefly a few years back nd the best comment was from my boss – “There’s gotta be a story there – LOL” – I grew it back immediately. Couldn’t get back into the shaving groove.
    shackman recently posted..Finality

    1. I thought that it would raise a laugh out of you Shackman. I thought that it was quite interesting. I suppose that one has to sport a beard to really appreciate the humour.

    2. I am delighted to see you here commenting Shackman. Let us hope that the computer or whatever does not screw matters up again.

      Why don’t you take up the challenge and write that story?

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