Hitler Didi.

How some people can over react to a development in a different country with a different culture, is clearly illustrated in this farce.

Since the beginning of November, a popular channel has started a soap serial in Hindi called Hitler Didi.

If you read the contents of the link you will see that the character called Hitler describes a particularly difficult personality.

In India, Hitler and Mussolini are words used to describe martinets and I was fortunate to have a teacher in school as well as a boss during my working life, both called Hitler behind their back. I also have a close friend whose wife is called Hitler for obvious reasons, by her brothers in law. When within one family one person becomes a Hitler and another similar personality comes in, the new one is inevitably called Mussolini.

We also have some classic politicians who name their children after such names, and many of my readers must be familiar with M K Stalin, the pretender to the throne of the DMK so affectionately named by his father M. Karunanidhi.

All three names are used humourously and are part of the Indian mainstream sarcasm to depict hard personalities. I would not be surprised if some one points out that I have been called as Hitler during my boss days.

An American organisation called Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has taken serious objection to the title of the soap about which many Indian papers have commented without taking a position.

I personally think that this is ridiculous. Hitler is not being glorified by the soap. The context and the locale has not been given the importance it deserves for this title. I also cannot help but wonder if the ADL is just using this opportunity to get some publicity for itself.

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