Holi Festival.

Today the Indian colour festival of Holi starts and will go on for another two days. The festival is to bring in the Spring season which brings in increasing warmth leading to our hot summers. This link to the Wikipedia on the festival gives a detailed account of the festival.

At my home, we do not celebrate Holi. We used to till about the middle of the eighties when the colours used for the festival started to give allergies to both Urmeela and me. There is a movement now to use natural colours and hopefully the kind of allergy problems that we suffered from are things of the past.

A lesser known festival in a tiny village deserves much more coverage to describe some aspects of Indian life and you will be able to get an idea here. The Lath in the description refers to Lathi. There are many other such variations in different parts of the country and the running thread along all of them is the use of colours.

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