Holi, Our Spring Festival Of Colours.

Holi is here. Day temperatures are back to where we have to use ceiling fans and nights cold enough for comforters.

My daughter in love Manjiree talks to her plants every day and obviously it works.

I take my readers back to my post of eight years ago. The garden has been completely relaid since then. This morning however, I saw the same plant coming up bravely in the same place to have its place in the sun! Perhaps if Manjiree talks to it, the flowers will reappear!

4 thoughts on “Holi, Our Spring Festival Of Colours.”

  1. I don’t talk to my plants. I just love them. One, oddly, appears to thrive on total neglect, in some dark corner, out of the sun. It positively screams: LEAVE ME ALONE. I dare not even water it.

    With reference to both Daughter in Love and WWW, what if one of their plants is deaf?


    Happy Holi, Ramana,


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